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Dimensions Apart: Cover Page by TABESTO

     “ Oi!” Megan yelled from the back seat of their silver MPV, “ Wake up you lazy bag of bones!”


    He was abruptly shaken awake by his annoying sister, as always, she was wearing one of his White polo shirts. He had told her that it was way to big for her but she seemed to like it anyway. 

    She was about four years younger than he was but almost as tall. She always wore his clothes and never actually cut her black hair which was almost reaching her knees. They shared the same unnaturally     blue-green eyes and almost looked alike. 

    Johan heard his Dad chuckle from the driver’s seat. He was a rather large man, mostly made of muscle and only wore plaid jackets and jeans. He owned a bar a few blocks away from their apartment. Despite his large and intimidating size, he was simply a kind man with a heart almost as big as his biceps.


     “ You kids never stop harassing each other, now do you?” He said in his deep gruffly voice. 


    His mother was sleeping next to him, her breathing fogged up the window she was leaning on. Typical, mum works way too hard sometimes, he thought. At least we’re having a vacation from the big city. She still wore her lawyer clothes; she’d arrived home late and they’d just got ready to leave. Her glasses were hanging of the ridge of her nose.

    The 7 seater slowed to a stop at an intersection. It jarred to a halt as his Dad stepped on the brakes, waking his Mum. 


     “ Whu- What’s g-going on?” She said, obviously dazed and still half asleep. He hair in a misshaped, black mess.


     “ Damn traffic lights are broken.” He shook his head, “ About six... no, seven cars are jamming up the intersection and they ain’t moving...”


     “ Daaaaaad!” Megan moaned from the back, “ Are we there yet?”


     “ Now now, darling girl.” Johan’s mum tutted, rubbing the sleep out of her eyes, “ We don’t use those cliche’s anymore...”


    Johan sighed, it wasn’t everyday that the roads were this clogged. Maybe there might be something on the radio to listen too.


     “ Dad, can ya please crank up the Stereo?”


     “ Sure thing, Jo.” His father’s big muscular hand turned the glowing red knob to the right, increasing the volume of what sounded like a news update.


     “ Shhhh, I think somethings going on.” The car fell silent as a reporter and his camera crew dashed across the road in front of them. Megan pressed her face to the back window, trying to get a better look.


     “ What on earth-” Johan started to say as he was interrupted by a loud uproar of screams and shouts. The doors of the cars in from of them swung open, followed by the rush of  their passengers as they fled. Good grief, Johan thought.


     “ Get out.” His Dad muttered, almost inaudible.


     “ Whu-”


     “ I SAID OUT, NOW.” He yelled, swivelling his head towards his family, eyes wide and sweat covering his face. He was shaking. Shaking.

    Before Johan could react, something hit them. 

    He didn’t really remember what it looked like at that time, he only caught a glimpse of it from his Mother’s side window. But it was big. Very big. 


    Time slowed down, he could see the windows spraying glass as the  side door crumpled. Tearing chunks of flesh of his Mother’s face and neck. He remembered the sensation of numbness as his Mother died before his very eyes. She was still looking forward, unaware of what was happening. It was all so fast. 


    The door caved in and he felt the entire car lift off the tarmac and into running traffic. He got a good look of what hit him. A train, derailed not too far from the intersection. As the car tumbled, his sister Megan screamed, he saw her head was bloodied and her eyes were already rolling to the back of her head. The car bounced several times, crumpling the metal frame like a wad of paper. The train was still barreling on, its front pushing the silver MPV like a play toy. Johan could feel himself blacking out, his Dad was nowhere to be seen. 

    The entire front section is gone.

    All of a sudden, a shard of metal came flying towards his face and he instinctively raised his right hand.




    His hand fell away and he sat there aghast. He studied the bloody stump for a second before his blood sprayed all over the ruined body of his Mother. He remembered screaming as they continued to tumble.


    He remembered someone pulling him out, a bunch of screaming and yelling... But he felt calm. How unusual. He didn’t know what to think. They lifted his bloodied and scraped body out of the rubble. He opened his left eye to see them severing his leg with a saw. His left foot was caught under the car. Johan didn’t really remember screaming but thought that what he would’ve done in those circumstances.

    He shouted to one of the paramedics that his sister was still under there. He yelled, screamed, more like. They eventually had to sedate him, he was bleeding excessively...


    Before he was out, he caught a glimpse of his sister being pulled out of what seemed to be the backseat window of the car, her face was drenched in blood. His blood. 



    The biggest disaster can start from the smallest problem.

    A crack.

                  A small itch.

                                         A drop of water.

                                                                      An argument.

    Anything and everything can go wrong in a blink of an eye.

    Of course, Johan knew that first-hand. He felt a cool draft sweep up his arm as he slowly raised a stump of a hand to brush away a bunch of black hair covering his eye. He squinted his blue green eyes as the fluorescent lights on white tile ceiling came into view. 

    He didn’t really remember much of the outside world. 3 years he’s been in this hospital and he was sick of it.


     “ How do you feel?” Said a weary, choked voice from beside him.


    He turned his head slowly towards the voice, cartilage crackling in his neck. Johan smiled at a nurse standing beside his bed; she had been taking care of him for the past 6 months after his accident. She winced at the sound of his neck crackling and ticked something off on her notepad. 

    She smiled a sad smile as she always did and pulled up a chair next to his bed, monitoring his life support and making small talk even though he cannot answer. 

    Johan always looked forward to seeing her, she always told stories about the outside and how it has changed. The stories he heard always sparked a distant memory of when he could still move, before that fateful day.

    At 12:00 sharp he ate his lunch, took a nap at 1:00, watched a movie with the nurse on the TV screen in the hospital room at 3:35am, ate dinner at 5:50am and slept at 8:30am. It was uneventful, and almost boring to Johan.

    The day would inevitably bore on and he eventually fell asleep much later than usual, the nurse stayed with him until then. 


    The next day was a bit different.

    He woke up and looked for the nurse who would normally be in his room by 8:30am, but she wasn’t there, instead he was greeted by a young looking bearded man in a lab coat, a notepad and pen in hand. Johan decided that he must be a doctor. He tilted his head to the side and pleasantly smiled at the doctor the doctor smiled stiffly back at him and nodded.


     “ You must be Johan, nice to meet you,” The doctor said, sticking out his hand.


    He tried to raise his good hand but found it unresponsive. Johan sadly shook his head and the doctor nodded once again and scribbled something down on his notepad.


     “ Hmm... Needs more- cough- servos...”, the doctor mumbled as his pen scratched noisily on paper, “ ...maybe some more sensor arrays too...”


    Johan gave the doctor a confused and quizzical look and shook his bed, rattling the heart-rate monitor next to him and startling the doctor.


     “ Ahh! I am sorry to be so rude! My name is Professor Greg Hudson, of the international standalone institution of advanced robotics, or ISIOAR for short.”


    What has this got to do with anything? Johan thought. 


     “ You must be confused, I see that you weren’t notified of his...” The Professor scratched his chin, “ maybe... Ah! I’ll be back in a moment.”


    Professor Hudson raced out of Johan’s hospital room, leaving the boy in silence. 

    A few minutes later, Professor Hudson came back with a wheelchair. It had small wheels instead of the usual big ones and it had an abnormally large seat.


     “ This will do the trick, now come, I’ll help you out of bed.” Johan stared at him, “ Oh, don’t worry! I’ll explain everything on the way.”


    On the way to where? Johan thought.


     “ Oh, to where?” The Professor saw his confused look, “ To the Institution of course.”







    It was interesting to be wheeled out on an electric wheelchair. He passed through the same hallway he was raced through on a hospital bed with 2 severed limbs and a broken spine 6 months ago. Passing hospital patients looked at him strangely as he rolled on by with the Professor not too far ahead. 


     “ You see, my peers back at the institution heard about you accident from the news...” Professor Hudson lowered his gaze, “ I’m sorry about your sister, Johan, I hope she gets better soon...”


     Johan smiled and forced his tears away. It was the first time in half a year since anyone had acknowledge the accident. That horrendous T-Bone car collision... it had left him a mute cripple and his sister in a coma. Thankfully, she wasn’t hurt as badly as he.


     “ I’m sure we will find a way to save her, but for now I need to sort you out.” Johan looked at him in surprised, The Professor looked at him over his shoulder, “ I am doing this not just out of the kindness of my heart, but for the scientific breakthroughs about to take place, that is if you agree to our terms...”


    The two kept on moving forwards until they were greeted by Johan’s nurse near the entrance of the hospital. She smiled a sad smile as she had always done and hugged him tightly.


     “ Be well, and good luck out there...” she whispered into his ear, “ Remember to visit.”


    Johan nodded and felt his hospital gown grow damper on his shoulder, the nurse pulled away and he left the hospital, more confused than ever.


     “ Great nurse she is,” The Professor said quietly as they moved towards a rather small ambulance with 3 other people hanging about outside. “ She was one of the 17 surgeons who saved your life. And then she also volunteered to take care of you! Ain’t that sweet, eh?”


    Johan nodded, he hadn’t heard of her story before. She’d always been there, smiling and talking to him. He nodded to himself and silently thanked her.


     “ Well here’s my crew, Johan meet your new so called ‘ Family’ from here on out,” He was greeted by the doctor-looking people, Two of them were women and the other a man.


      “ Is this the boy we’re working on?” Said one of the women, obviously unamused, “ Kinda skinny, not much muscle on him.”


    Johan grunted.


     “ Good grief Kara,” chuckled the other woman, nudging Kara a little as she walked up to Johan with the other man. 


     “ Hi Johan, I’m Caroline and this is Fisher.” Caroline leaned towards him and whispered, “ And that over there is Kara, she’s had a long day.”


    He took a good long look at his new ‘ Family’. Kara seemed to be the youngest of the group, with her red hair in a bun and a lab coat over her AC/DC t-shirt. Fisher on the other hand looked as if he just went through a few wars. His sandy hair was in a mess, ripped grey trench-coat, singed white shirt and ripped black jeans. Caroline looked more professional, like a doctor or a scientist should. She wore all white and of course wore a lab coat.


    Fisher smiled and stretched out his hand for a shake but flinched and withdrew when he saw a stump instead of a hand. “ Dang, I’m sorry about that.” He gave a small apologetic smile.


    Johan shook his head and grinned, they looked nice enough.


     “ We have been dispatched by our peers to... how would you say... fix that bag of meat you call a body.” Grunted Kara from the back. “ Don’t you remember the contract you signed back at the hospital 3 months ago? It was confirming that you would donate your living body to science as you do not have any... liable family members to take care of you and that you are far too old to go to an orphanage in this day and age.”


    Johan nodded, he remembered now. He was technically a lab rat, a test subject, owned by science.

    Of course, he voluntarily signed it as if he didn’t, he would be sent to something called a “ Cripple House” where the physically disadvantaged would be sent to. He wasn’t really keen in spending his life in a house full of depressed war veterans with nothing to talk about except who won the mahjong game yesterday. He’d rather be of use to something at least, he wasn’t just a plain old bag of meat.


     “ Well, we better hurry.” The Professor suggested, “ We have to show our guest around and still have time for a full scan.”


    Scan? Johan raised an eyebrow questioningly at Caroline.


     “ We have to do a full scan of your external and internal damage,” she sighed. “ The x-rays the hospital gave us are horrible.”


    Johan nodded and the Professor helped him into the back of the ambulance, he grunted as his head hit the top of the ambulance, he winced at the shooting pain.


     “ At least you hit the ambulance...” The Professor shrugged. “... and not the alternative...heh...”


    Johan rolled his eyes and Caroline grinned.


     “Takes a joke well I see?”


    Better than most, Johan thought silently.


     “ Fisher, pass me the rope!” Kara yelled from the front seat. “ We gotta strap him to the back.” 


    Oh boy, no seat belts... Just what he needed.


     “ Why don’t you let him ride shotgun?” Grinned Fisher. “ And WE can strap y-”


    Before he could finish his sentence, something bright blue came flying from the front passenger seat and hit Fisher square in the chest.

    Johan just stared as Fisher stumbled across the parking lot. Caroline gave an exasperated sigh.


     “ We talked about this Kara...” she shook her head, pinching the bridge of her nose.


    Fisher groaned in pain 2 meters away from the ambulance. They were nice enough, but a bit scary...

    They eventually got him into the ambulance, his wheelchair was locked between a heart monitor and a drink dispenser which seemed rather out of place amongst the medical equipment. There was barely enough room for the five of them, but even so, they managed to squeeze into the small ambulance. The Professor started up the engine and they were off, rumbling loudly down the car park like a white rhinoceros with stomach problems. Good one, Johan chuckled inwardly. 


    It wasn’t long before he felt absolutely sick. He groaned as his wheelchair swayed from side to side in a rather precarious manner. Caroline tapped him on the shoulder.


     “ You alright?” He shook his head. “ Oi Prof, slow down a bit will ya? Our guest is feeling queasy.”


     “ Fine, fine.” The ambulance slowed down a bit and Johan felt significantly better.


    He looked around and saw that Fisher and Kara were fast asleep, only he and Caroline were awake. He heard other vehicles rushing past them and the faint sounds of people chattering outside.

     “ Ya better of taking a rest, now son.” The Professor murmured from the front, “ It’s gonna take a while to get outta this traffic...”


     “ G-gah...” Johan’s throat closed up. His body jerked upright and the familiar but painful sound of cartilage crackling echoed in the cramped van, waking up  the sleeping scientists.

    He dropped into darkness, his mind swirling and dots danced in his vision, like ghosts.

    His body fell into convulsions, his muscles cramping and tensing. The pain. Oh the pain.

    An inhuman scream escaped his mouth, his eyes wide and shaking.

    Though all of that was happening, he could feel the small pinprick of a needle against his thigh, sending more quaking ripples up his body. His face was a ghostly white and his eyes began to roll to the back of his head, his scream dying as his jaw sagged. Relief.


    It wasn’t long before his nightmares took over.

    His mother dying before him.

    His sister’s bloodied head.

    His father’s missing body.





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